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Learn, Share and Contribute: Three Care Giving Resources

One of the most debilitating illnesses that challenge family members as much as the person afflicted is Alzheime's. The Alzheimers Association http://www.alz.org has created a plethora of resources for both the person afflicted with the illness and the person's family, social group and...

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Welcome to this website, devoted to the needs of older and wiser individuals and people who care about them.

Attorney Elizabeth Hurwitz provides practical expert legal advice and plus real life coaching and assistance on all aspects of elder law and elder caregiver legal issues.

Located in Ann Arbor, MI Ms. Hurwitz combines her personal experience as a caregiver with her 20+ years experience as an attorney.  Her compassion, coupled with her professionalism, allows her to offer cutting edge solutions to legal problems faced by people over 50 and to individuals serving as caregivers to older family members or to their friends.


Elder Law News Updates

What are the Keys to Well Being for Older Americans?

The Administration on Aging just released a long report called  "Keys to Well Being for Older Americans". What's most vital for folks over 50  in order to attain a sense of satisfaction about their lives? The report emphasizes community, manageable health issues, prudent diet, exercise, and surprisingly, faith.  Get the full report here http://www.aoa.gov/agingstatsdotnet/Main.pdf

New Legal Resources Now Available for Older Americans

A great additional source for help on elder law issues and caregiver related issues been created, thanks to the Administration on Aging. Five great nonprofit legal services groups partnered together with the Administration to create a National Legal Resource Center for elder law attorneys and their clients. Here's the website, which just launched on January 8 2010:
http://www.nirc.aoa.gov. A real blessing for everyone!

Some Prescription Relief Newly Available to Low Income Seniors

There's a new prescription drug benefit program that just went into effect January 1 2010. It's designed to help the more than 1 million low-income seniors who were previously disqualified from help because of assets or income.  It's called the Extra Help Program and it's worth seeing if you or a loved one can qualify.
A helpful summary of the new program showed up on MSNBC recently: Check out
For more details, go to www.socialsecurity.gov or call 1-800-772-1213. Low income seniors can apply on line or by phone or by going to their local Social Security Office.

How Does Your Loved One's Nursing Home Compare?

A recent survey just compared and evaluated hundreds of nursing homes throughout the United States. Factors like  resident to staff ratio, medication tracking and reviews and activities for residents are assessed in different facilities. The full report can be read at