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Attorney Elizabeth Hurwitz has been in solo practice for more than 21 years. Her personal statement truly guides her work, ethics, and personal relationships with clients:

"My entry into the world of legal issues that face people in the second half of their lives happened when a catastrophic illness occurred in my own family 15 years ago. My beloved brother-in-law received a shocking diagnosis of an incurable brain tumor when he was only 35 years old. All of the immediate issues - providing for his two young children and wife after he was gone, how to plan for his increasingly limited physical mobility, and how to obtain the best medical care for his illness - all needed to be solved simultaneously. As the only attorney in our extended family, I threw myself into the world of disability law, trusts and estates, caregiver support and end-of-life legal issues. I learned first hand how important it is to choose correct legal solutions to each of these challenges. Quite literally, how you resolve these issues can mean the difference between insane worry and upset and peace of mind and acceptance, for both the person who is physically suffering and for their family members. After a valiant 10-year struggle, my brother-in-law passed away in 2001. I feel inspired every day by the strength he showed in facing the legal issues that came along with his terrible medical condition. I strive to provide my clients with the same care and analysis that I offered to my brother-in-law and our extended family. Since 2001, I have felt honored to assist several other extended family members as they have faced the challenging issues that accompany illness, aging, disability and death. It has also been gratifying to provide counsel to friends and family members who have become primary caregivers for individuals facing long-term illness or catastrophic disabilities. Both the individuals experiencing the physical and mental impairments and the folks who care for those individuals are the people I strive to serve as an attorney."

- Elizabeth Hurwitz