Elizabeth Hurwitz serves people who are in the second half of their lives, by reviewing their financial profiles and their preferences for themselves and their loved ones.

Practice Areas

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Areas of Practice

Caring for the Legal Needs of Older Persons
with Compassion and Professionalism

These services include drafting wills and trusts, living wills, durable powers of attorney, medical proxies, and exploring ways to maximize financial returns on investments for immediate care issues.

Ms. Hurwitz also provides legal services to people who are faced with an unexpected diagnosis of a physical or mental impairment and wish to maximize their ability to care for themselves in the short term and secure reliable assistance for themselves in the long term.

Ms. Hurwitz offers legal services in the following areas of
elder law:

Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Relief for Folks over 50

Our office has helped many individuals regain financial security and debt-free lives. If you are facing foreclosure of your home, we can help you evaluate your legal options. Our staff can help you weigh the pros and cons of a "short sale", "a foreclosure leaseback", and "a deed in lieu of foreclosure". We can also work with you to keep you in your home. Call us for a free consultation: 734-657-0835.

We can help you shrink credit card debt and eliminate aggressive collection calls. We can help halt foreclosure and stop wage garnishment altogether. We are here to help you create financial stability for the second half of your life.
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Veteran's Benefits

We are certified to appear before the Veterans Administration to represent Veterans and their families. We help veterans obtain all the financial benefits they are entitled to claim under the law. There are several new programs that are of especial interest to older veterans that can provide additional income to a disabled veteran and her/his family.
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Estate planning/Medicaid Planning

We assist with the conservation of your family’s financial assets through expert estate planning and planning for future Medicaid needs, future gifting and preservation of your home. We will help you conserve your maximum financial freedom, while taking into consideration your anticipated future health and care expenditures. Our commitment is to both the preservation of the finances you have worked hard to accumulate, and to plan for your future health and care needs as you or your loved ones age.
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Wills and Trusts

We can help you save thousands of dollars by creating a specific in-depth plan for you and your loved ones. For example, married couples can benefit greatly from designing a “community spouse estate plan”. Wills and trusts are two legal instruments that often work hand in hand to provide you and your loved ones with the best financial advantages and the best peace of mind.
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Coping with Alzheimer's Diesase

We can advise on the legal issues you will need to address if you have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, and we can offer coaching for individuals or families who now have a loved one with that diagnosis. In addition to the usual estate planning procedures a person or family will want to access, if facing Alzheimer’s, there are many additional resources, ---both legal and community based ----that our office is prepared to offer to our clients.
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Probate Administration & Litigation
& Administrative Hearings & Appeals

We are a full service law firm that can handle all aspects of probate administration and probate litigation done in a probate court in Michigan.  Some areas of probate administration and litigation our firm handles include heir contests, determination of intestacy, probating a will (formally or informally), trust administration and disputes, competency hearings, Veterans Administration hearings and appeals, and Social Security Disability hearings and appeals.
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Anticipating Future Impairment & Incompetence

We can help you assemble the basics of a cost efficient, thorough “plan for the future”, including a durable power of attorney for medical decision-making, a durable power of attorney for financial and other decision making issues, and a simple will. Please call for further information.
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Nursing Home & Hospice Issues

Choosing the best at home or residential care for yourself or your loved one is a complicated decision for most families. We can assist with this decision-making process by providing timely and useful legal advice. Similarly, if you or your loved one is considering hospice, our firm has solid legal advice to offer on “end of life” issues for you. Please call for further information.
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